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Tuscan Red 8” x 12" Watercolour
Sun & Earth 10” x 14” Wood Block
Evening Solitude 28” x 15” Watercolour
Alexander S. Kozub
Floral Fantasy 10” x 16” Watercolour
Solar Eclipse 11” x 19” Wood Block
Biography Alexander Kozub was born in Calgary, Alberta of Ukrainian parentage. He was raised in the Badlands of Drumheller, Alberta, where as a boy he developed a love of nature and the outdoors that is reflected in both his paintings and his watercolor woodblock prints. He is a graduate of the four-year program of the Alberta College of Art and Design and has supplemented his education by taking art courses at the University of Calgary and night courses at the Art College. During his four years at the college Alexander received poster awards from the Crown Zellerbach Paper Company and other awards from the Alberta Drafting and Blueprint Company, the T. Eaton Company and the Canadian Art Gallery. In 1978, after working as head artist and then Art director at Lawson Graphics, he began his own graphic arts company, Alexander Graphics. During this time he taught art at night classes for the Calgary Board of education. He was well known for his four-color maps and for the annual reports that he did related to the oil industry. Alexander has been honored with an Alexander Graphics section in the cartographic division of the National Archives in Ottawa. As well he designed and built many exhibits for the annual petroleum shows held each year in Calgary. Prior to the 1988 Winter Olympics, he was commissioned by the Royal Bank of Canada to design a special Olympic pin for them. He also designed the display that held all the Olympic medals. These were exhibited in the window of the Royal Bank located at the Olympic Plaza in downtown Calgary.  Since taking early retirement in 1990, Alexander has devoted himself to fine art and he continues to explore and portray the beauty of nature that he first discovered as a young boy. He has attended workshops and seminars by Brent Laycock, Brent Heighton, Bryan Atyo, Helena Halada and Toshi Yoshida to name a few and has given workshops for various art groups in the city and Southern Alberta. At present he is an active member of the Calgary Sketch Club, The Group and Interpretations Artists’ Association. His work is privately owned by patrons in Israel, U.S.A and Western and Eastern Canada.
Contact   Alexander S. Kozub  Calgary AB  Phone (403) 239-1760

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