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 Web Page Information
Web Page Information

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Call Jim Graham 403-281-6273 or e-mail jimgrahamatshaw.ca with any questions or to request an CSC web page. Substitute @ for at to help avoid spam.

Sketchclub Members Webpage Information

Basic Sketchclub Members Web Page Price: (Effective January 2017) $70.00

$70.00 is the initial cost to set up a new Sketchclub members web page with up to 4 art photos. Members to supply art snap shot photos or digital images. Please also supply your biography and the dimensions of your original art, the medium used and the price if desired. If you would like more than 4 photos for your members web page you may add additional photos, to a maximum of 8 at a cost of $7.00 each.

The $70.00 cost covers the following:

Preparing members web page text from information provided such as biographical information, awards etc.
Scanning and adjusting up to four snap shot photographs or working with digital images supplied by members, creating thumbnail photos, screen picture images and page layout. 

Posting members page files and graphic files to the Internet file storage site and setting up web pages to be search engine friendly.
Adding the member's name and one art photo to the "Artists" page. Adding a portrait of artist to their members web page. (No charge) Adding artist's contact information to the member's web page.

$70.00 is a member’s webpage one time set up fee for as long as your dues are paid up to the Sketchclub.
Note: This is not a yearly fee

Updates to Members Webpage

No charge for occasional text updates
New art photos or replacement photos cost $7.00 per photo.

Placement on the Sketchclub “Artists” Page Without Having An Sketchclub Members Web Page

The cost for Sketchclub members is $10.00 per member to be placed on the “Artists” page unless they have a Sketchclub members web page in which case placement is free. Members should supply one photo of their art work and the medium used for the “Artists” page along with a contact phone number or e-mail address. The link from the “Artists” page can go directly to your own personal website, if you have one, or to a Sketchclub contact page with your phone number and/or e-mail address.

Jim Graham
Email: jimgraham@shaw.ca
Revised: 10 Mar 2017


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